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Daily Encouragement
Date: 02-09-2016
By Daisaku Ikeda
There is no place in the SGI for cowards or for egoists who are given to arbitrary or self-serving views. Our movement has no need for the fainthearted, filled with doubt, who readily succumb to negative influences. Let us strive for the Law and live with dignity as proud members of the SGI! The 21st century shall be the essential phase of our movement. Bathed in the brilliant light of dawn, let us take our places on that golden stage and lead truly magnificent lives!

Lecture on Nichiren Daishonin's Writing


Monthly lecture and Q&A on Nichiren Daishonin's writing and SGI President Ikeda's lecture series "The Buddhism of the Sun Illuminating the World" at the SGI-USA Atlanta Buddhist Center in Atlantic Station.

  • 11am Sunday February 14th for south metro Atlanta
  • 10am Saturday February 20th for north metro Atlanta
This month, we'll study Nichiren's writing "On Reprimanding Hachiman" and President Ikeda's lecture subtitled "The Westward Transmission of Buddhism - Striving With a Selfless Vow for the Happiness of All Humanity." Check it out in the February Living Buddhism magazine.

Local Study


Monthly neighborhood study meetings are held in local discussion groups in the first week of the month. Study material is the "Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace" series of collected works from SGI President Ikeda on the themes of happiness, human revolution, and world peace. February's theme is "Faith for a Harmonious Family." Check it out in February Living Buddhism magazine. Midtown District study is 7pm Tuesday February 9th and Lindbergh District study is 10:30am Saturday February 13th at the Atlanta Buddhist Center. Find your local group in Georgia here.

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